We’re incredibly pleased that our equipment has received the honors listed here, but we’re most proud of the countless people we help reach their fitness goals.

Congratulations! Johnson @mirror Fitness Mirror selected as the Taiwan Excellence Award ‘Silver Award’ recipient!

Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs benchmark annual selection award – Taiwan Excellence Award. After several months of testing and professional judging, 252 companies and 433 high-quality products were selected for the awards, which meet the requirements of R&D, design, quality, and marketing in reference to the 5 of Taiwan production standard. The prestigious Gold & Silver Awards were awarded to 30 companies. Johnson Health Tech breakout star product for 2020, Johnson@mirror breaks the norm traditional fitness exercise equipment that is a cross-border combination of video, furniture and fitness exercise without restriction of location, space and time. The A.I. (Artificial intelligence) technology and online video streaming have integrated games, entertainments, social community to offer you boutique fitness experiences at home. The innovative product won the Silver Award 2020 in the category of Recreation & Sports.
The award ceremony was held on 25 November 2020 at Taipei NanGang Exhibition Hall 2, where the Johnson Heath Tech representative, Global Marketing Director, Jiang XinHuang received the Silver Award. In addition, the Matrix Glute Trainer designed to help users enhance the strength and stability of the hips and core muscles. The trainer help users tone muscle, build power, and enhance glute and core stability with a smarter, more stable take on high-intensity glute training. Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the award ceremony was broadcast live on the website with the participations of other countries.

TaiSPO Innovation Award 2020 -Matrix CXP Training Cycle & Matrix R3XM Recumbent Cycle

The TaiSPO Innovation Award aims to commend the high quality of Taiwan-related products and innovation in R&D and design, and to show buyers the brilliant achievements of Taiwan’s products in R&D. Johnson Health Tech continue to introduce new high-quality products within its own in-house brands with product features repeatedly recognized in high standard by the judges. Although the 2020 TaiSPO award show was cancelled due to the epidemic, the award trophy and certificate were delivered to our office for encouragement.
This year award-winning product is the Matrix CXP Training Cycle is specially designed for club group training courses. It completely changes the group training exercise as a target training instrument, allowing beginners and advanced users to train together. Its three-color circular LED light bar design allow instructors to easily guide members of different ability levels through their workout. Another award-winning product is the Matrix R3XM Recumbent Cycle that meets the stringent safety and performance requirements for medical devices under the European Medical Device Directive. Medical officers make use of it to assists patients for rehabilitation purpose in medical institutions and general health clubs. It has a 160-degree rotating seat that can be easily adjustable with one hand and a height-adjustable pedal crank

“Matrix Home Retail” Series Awarded Best Buy 2020

The Matrix brand is mainly positioned as high-end commercial fitness equipment products, providing the equipment required by fitness clubs, five-star hotels gyms and other commercial institutions. In 2016, it launched a series of home retail fitness equipment products. As soon as it was launched, the series received multiple FitProf Best Buy awards. Ten retail products won in the “Best Product Award” Best Buy and Matrix won the “Brand of the Year” award by the American “Fitness Professor” review. For the Year 2020, we are pleased to announce that we will be awarded the Best Buy 2020 again! Matrix’s home retail products attractive exterior design and multi-functionality allow home users to enjoy club-level quality and sports experience without going to the gym.

International Service Excellence Award for Service Transformation

In January 2020, there was exciting news that Johnson Health Tech was awarded the International Service Excellence Award for Service Transformation by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO)!
This award is exclusively for the impact of design for customer experience enhancement and must meet the conditions; Continuous Improvement, Customer Impact, Service Transformation, and Service Innovation. Johnson Health Tech respects its customer and is committed to provide customer satisfaction through diversified integrated solutions and latest digital technology to achieve the ideal goal of healthy sports. Congratulations to the American team for their efforts to win this award!

Taiwan's Top 20 International Brands 2019

Sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan Economic Research Institute with Interbrand Agency evaluated the nominations for “Taiwan International Brand Value 2019”. It was recently announced that Johnson Health Tech had won the award for 14 consecutive years, and our ranking has moved up one place to 17th in 2019 with brand value increased by 5% to US$147 million.
Interbrand review mentioned Johnson Health Tech continues to pay attention to new market trends, and revenue growth in 2019 was driven by the growth of overseas demand for fitness equipment products. 2019 is a record breaking year in terms product sales and revenue for Johnson Health Tech. From catering to the fitness market trend in 2019, we will continue to deploy new products in four major directions, focus on the research and development of new products, strengthen brand image and sales, and focus on deepening the relationship between brand personality and consumer needs and emotional levels.
In addition, Johnson Health Tech has repeatedly won international awards, provides professional experience services in the commercial market, and is recognized by customers. Their household products are also more positively evaluated by users on e-commerce websites. Products and equipment are connected intelligently to help users record fitness data more conveniently.
In the future, Johnson Health Tech is expected to continue to grow and provide products/services that meet consumer needs and market trends. At the same time, it will strengthen brand asset management, enrich interactive forms, enhance consumer management communication, and strive to become the most trusted fitness equipment brand.

FORBES The World’s Best Employers 2020 Rankings

FORBES The World’s Best Employers 2020 ranking final list composed of 750 multinational and large corporations, and Taiwan have 10 candidates on the list. Among Taiwan corporations, the highest rank goes to Acer (No. 246). Most of them are in the technology industry. Johnson Health Tech rank at No.5 and is the only company not from the technology industry among the top ten companies in Taiwan.
  • No. 246 : Acer
  • No. 258 : Walsin Lihua
  • No. 351 : Asia Vital Components Company
  • No. 396 : AU Optronics
  • No. 412 : Johnson Health Tech
  • No. 445 : ASE Technology Holding
  • No. 473 : Asustek Computer
  • No. 545 : Accton Technology
  • No. 649 : Giga-Byte Technology
  • No. 692 : Taiwan Semiconductor
Forbes partnered with market research firm Statista to compile our fourth-annual list of the World’s Best Employers. They surveyed 160,000 full-time and part-time workers from 58 countries working for businesses with operations in multiple nations or regions. Surveys were conducted on a rolling basis from June to July, and participants were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family. They were also asked to rate their satisfaction with their employers’ Covid-19 responses and score their employers on image, economic footprint, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility.
News Sources : Manager & Forbes

Won the Good Design Award

  • Smarter Fitness Solution: JOHNSON@MIRROR
  • Smarter Fitness Solution: JOHNSON@CYCLE
  • SYNCA Relax Rocking Chair
Good Design Award (G-Mark) is one of the four major design awards in the world and is hosted by JDP (Japan Institute of Design Promotion). The comprehensive design awards aim to recognize the excellent originality and aesthetic standards of products. The award concept and the judging mechanism constructed over 60 years have been recognized by design professionals all over the world.
This year’s competition is fiercely competitive. Even as oversea (Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong) secondary review venues were cancelled due to the epidemic, all the works that passed the primary review will be reviewed at the Japanese venue. There are still nearly 5,000 design products competing. Johnson Health Tech star product of the year stands out and are awarded a Good Design Award. The award-winning product has Smarter Fitness Solution as the theme and innovative home digital technology solutions as the main axis, combined with two products of JOHNSON@MIRROR and JOHNSON@CYCLE. The judges are even more impressed with JOHNSON@MIRROR as this new product not only allows users to exercise the guidance of a virtual coach, but also has a prompt function to guide improvement, and continue to interact and enjoy with friends on social media.
Another good news is that SYNCA Relax Rocking Chair has also won this honor! Here, I would like to thank all the team members who assisted in completing the application of this project, turning hope into action and possibility, creating and realizing this great achievement.

German Design Award 2020 – Horizon GR7 Indoor Cycle

Following the Taiwan Excellence Award, the Horizon GR7 Indoor Cycle has once again won the German Design Award, an official recognition award based in Germany. The award show aims to encourage the design of excellent products, promote outstanding talents in the design industry and promote good design concepts.
The judges evaluated the GR7 as a fashionable, intuitive, and practical indoor training cycle, which is design and colour palate prominently presented in high-contrast of bright yellow and black. In terms of appearance and function, it can provide customized functions to meet users exercise requirement, and use magnetron technology to simulate the feedback on the real road, which is amazing and convincing!

Matrix CXP Training Cycle won ``Silver Award'' of Taiwan Excellence Award!

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs’s benchmark annual selection contest “Taiwan Excellence Award” have more than a thousand registered products that undergone rigorous judging by more than 100 experts from various countries in the past 4 months. There are 240 candidates for R&D, design, quality, and marketing. 418 selected candidates won the “Boutique Award”, of which only 30 were shortlisted for the “Gold/Silver Award”. The “Matrix CXP Training Cycle” specially designed for club group training courses broke through many obstacles and won the Silver Award this year.
The award ceremony was held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall on 27 November 2019. The award was received by Mr. Hong MuJing, Senior Deputy General Manager of International Business. In addition, three more products also won the Taiwan Excellence Award – the high-performance “Matrix C50 Climbmill” designed for professional athlete and the “Matrix R3XM Recumbent Cycle” that rehabilitation process for elderly at medical institutions and general health clubs. For treadmill, our “Horizon Paragon X Treadmill” which can simulates 4 types of smart off-road terrain training.

2019 Body-Life Award: Marketing

The Body-LIFE Awards organised by leading European fitness magazines see Matrix once again stood out in the award selection! The Body-LIFE awards committee was conducted by the German Research Institute Würtenberger (FIW) to conduct a survey of the fitness industry. Those who can enter the final nomination list are all well-known brand representatives in the industry. This year number of nominations have increased from 500 fitness club operators to 750. The award this time give us a confirmation that the Matrix brand is highly regarded in public eye!
Matrix won the product award in the Cardio Aerobic, Functional Training and Indoor Cycle product categories, and the Marketing award in first place!

Matrix won the 2020 Fitness Awards

Matrix won big at the Fitness Awards 2020! The criteria of this award is reviewed and awarded by an independent panel of jury composed of senior managements in the fields of Health and Fitness. Each award category has its own field of expertise and is judged according to different standards such as specialization, certifications, innovation, reliability, performance, etc. Matrix Fitness won high praise from the jury and won 7 awards range from brand to products awards.

Matrix Fitness award details:
• Brand of the Year
• Best Professional Gym Equipment (Gold)
• Best Home Gym Equipment (Gold)
• Best After Sales Service for Gym Equipment (Silver)
• Best Cardio Gym Equipment-T7xi (Silver)
• Best Strength Gym Equipment-Ultra ITC (Gold)
• Best Functional Gym Equipment-Connexus (Silver)

Plus X Award 2020

Plus X Award 2020 winners from Johnson Health Tech;

  • Horizon Paragon X Treadmill
  • Horizon Omega Z Treadmill
  • Horizon GR7 Indoor Cycle
  • Matrix Brand Highest the Customer Satisfaction
Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Plus X Award Seals of Approval are conferred upon products judged to possess at least one “Plus X” factor. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems. Criteria such as outstanding ergonomic and ecological features, along with the use of high quality material add up to sustainable products with long lasting value and are also honored by the Plus X Award. The innovation award was initiated to strengthen brands, trade and commerce and support consumers in their purchasing decisions.
Horizon Paragon X treadmill won the Plus X Award 2020/2021 for its high quality, design, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics (High quality, design, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics).
Paragon X treadmill main features: Equipped with Johnson Exclusive Technology new and unique ‘AirTrain’ smart technology combined with Air Cushion System to integrate the elements of outdoor trail running: Incline, Terrain, and Speed into the training program for consumption With the new technology, People can experience trail running at home.

Plus X Award [Part 2]

Horizon Omega Z treadmill has also won the 2020/2021 Plus X Award for its high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, etc.
Omega Z combines a simple and elegant appearance design with exercise programs, allowing you to bring a simple and intelligent exercise experience at home. The Pulse Train Programming can use your heart rate and the universal language of color to keep you motivated and on track for your goals in exercise conditions at intensity levels (endurance training, aerobic training, threshold training, or anaerobic training).
Horizon GR7 Indoor Cycle also won the Plus X Award again after the Taiwan Excellence Award and the German Design Award in January this year.
The GR7 stood out from the rest of cycle’s model in the market by being the only one who can provide real-time sports data. It is equipped with smart APP to guide users and simulates the feeling of real outdoor riding. The smooth, whisper-quiet magnetic resistance flywheel system provide users with a more inspiring, motivating and more engaging way to ride.
After the Plus X Award – Highest Customer Satisfaction Award in 2018, MATRIX has won the award for three consecutive years, and we had continue for the 4th time in 2020! With this honour, Matrix will continue to improve in all aspects of customer service and after-sales service to successfully build customer confidence in the Matrix brand.

Congratulations to SYNCA i-Puffy Massage Cushion for winning the Good Design Award 2019

The Good Design Award (G-Mark) is one of the four major design awards in the world. It is a comprehensive design award hosted by Japan’s JDP (Japan Institute of Design Promotion), which aims to recognize the excellent originality and aesthetic standards of products. The award concept and the judging mechanism constructed over 60 years have been recognized by design professionals all over the world.
Johnson Health Tech wellness product: SYNCA i-Puffy massage cushion was chosen from nearly 5,000 highly-competitive design products for the award in 2019. The massage cushion unique “butterfly curve” ergonomic shape and 3D massage technique makes it both lightweight and compact to use. The massage system gives users a real sense of hand-kneading, whether on sitting or recline position.

Matrix won the 2019 World Gym Vendor of the Year

Every year, World Gym recognizes the suppliers who have won the Supplier of the Year Award at its annual conference. The award is given by World Gym Group to the best year-round excellence supplier, its assessment of the project include:

  • High quality and innovative products and services
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • World Gym Group’s global support
We are very proud to announce that Matrix Fitness has won the 2019 Vendor of The Year 2019!

China Fitness Equipment Network “Top Ten Brand” Award

Johnson Health Tech won 4 awards at the “2019 Top Ten Brands in Fitness Equipment Industry”. At the beginning of August 2019, China Fitness Equipment Network organized the “2019 Top Ten Brands in Fitness Equipment Industry” award. A total of 483 nominations and only 210 were successfully shortlisted for the “Top Ten Brands” qualification. Johnson Health Tech with 4 nominations had the highest number of votes through an online voting system. On August 24th, with the expert jury panel holding a 30% of the judging power, Johnson Health Tech wins all 4 awards with professional and cruel evaluation opinions from international participation criteria such as tangible assets, quality, service, technological innovation, and intangible assets.

  1. “Top 100 Enterprises in Fitness Equipment Industry”- Johnson Health Tech
  2. “Top Ten Brands Trusted by Consumers of Commercial Fitness Equipment”- MATRIX.
  3. “Top Ten Brands Trusted by Consumers of Home Fitness Equipment”- Johnson Health Tech
  4. “Gold Award for Innovative Design of Fitness Equipment Product”- MATRIX S-Force Performance Trainer

S-Force Performance Trainer-Taiwan Excellence Award "Gold Award"

The “Taiwan Excellence Award” selection is a national annual product/brand selection evaluation. In 2019, a total of 527 manufacturers and 1,127 products were evaluated. Judges from various countries have selected 472 Taiwanese products for the four major selection projects of R&D, design, quality and marketing. Among them, 10 gold awards were awarded to Taiwan brands.
Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer is the only fitness equipment that won the Gold Award. It’s scientific performance verification, innovative design for professional athletes, and a streamlined and eye-catching appearance that has repeatedly won international recognition. The award was received by Johnson Health Tech representatives, Chen Jian Ren and Hong Mu Jing.
In addition, both the Matrix Ultra Converging Chest Press and Horizon GR7 Indoor Cycle won the Excellence Award in respective commercial and home retail product category.

Gold's Gym Vendor of the Year, 2018

Matrix was once again selected as Vendor of the Year (America market) award by world-renowned chain club Gold’s Gym. Gold’s Gym is an internationally renowned global chain club. Matrix is honored to be awarded the “Vendor of the Year” award again this year, affirming the quality products and services provided by Matrix. Matric Fitness had won this recognition for the fifth time!

Johnson Health Tech fitness equipment has been recognized as the ideal brand for business professionals for 7 consecutive years

The selection of the “Plus X Award” was initiated by the German Social Media Network (Media Society Networks). This award aims to recognize the brand’s achievements in innovation, quality, design, ease of use/functionality, ergonomics and ecology Highlight achievements. At present, it has 144 prestigious jury members from 32 countries and regions, and 40 professional partners, creating a market value of more than 400 million euros per year. It is the world’s largest covering technology, sports and lifestyle related Contest. It is very authoritative in the international market, especially the European market.

The Plus X Award is not only regarded as one of the most influential competitions for brand promotion in the world, the Plus X Award also represents product features such as innovation, high quality, unique design, simple operation and environmental protection. MATRIX is proud to be awarded the Best Brand of the 2019 Plus X Award again. Gratitude to the judges for reaffirming MATRIX’s highest quality, innovative technology and reliable service.

  • Best Brand Award, Matrix Fitness
  • Plus X Award, Connected Solutions
  • Product of the Year, Connected Solutions
  • Best Brand Award, Synca
  • Plus X Award, CirCMassage Chair
  • Product of the Year, CirCMassage Chair
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction

Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer - Good Design Award 2018

The Good Design Award (G-Mark) is one of the four major design awards in the world. It is a comprehensive design award hosted by Japan’s JDP (Japan Institute of Design Promotion), which aims to recognize the excellent originality and aesthetic standards of products. The concept of the award and the judging mechanism constructed over 60 years have been recognized by design professionals all over the world.
Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer stood out from 4789 entries in 24 countries around the world. Among them, the streamlined and sporty appearance of F-Force an d the exquisite and considerate details with environmental friendly design are favored by the judges and won this honor.

The ISPO Award Gold Medal at the German Sporting Goods Show in Germany, 2018

The ISPO Awards are another highlight of the show. Each year, ISPO will select the most outstanding and innovative sporting goods. This award has also become the glory and recognition of the international sporting goods industry that every brand strives for. The award was organized by an independent sports business professional to form a jury before the exhibition, focusing on innovation, design, and functionality. It also has indicators such as procurement guidelines, product innovation, and expert evaluation.
The Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer continued the winning streak of Matrix commercial series which won the Gold Award in 2017 for Matrix Rower with 2018 ISPO Award Gold Medal!
The Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer continued the winning streak of Matrix commercial series which won the Gold Award in 2017 for Matrix Rower with 2018 ISPO Award Gold Medal!
The S-Force Performance Trainer has designed specific trajectories for the professional athletes and integrated them with the magnetron system. Through the two different postures of the stance and the front grip, they train the main muscles used by speed and strength. This exercise starts the athletes. The speed and power of sprint acceleration are crucial. As the exercise intensity increases, the resistance load will increase accordingly. Elite athletes can challenge the sprint, explosiveness, and athletic performance to the next level. S-Force Performance Trainer also enhances the sports level of HIIT’s high-intensity interval training for general sports enthusiasts. When group training is set to suit individual’s pace goals, the resistance will automatically increase as the difficulty level increases. This means that HIIT enthusiasts can continue to challenge self-limit. This is why we specially designed the S-Force Performance Trainer.

Taiwan's Top 20 International Brands 2018

Johnson Health Tech won the “2018 Taiwan’s Top 20 International Brand Awards” for a proud record of 13 consecutive years.

Organised by the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Taiwan Economic Research Institute has commissioned the global authoritative brand value survey agency, Interbrand to evaluate the nominations with the same mechanism used to conduct Business Weekly “Global Top 100 Brand Value Survey”.

First place in European professional fitness magazine Body-LIFE 2018 evaluation

Body-LIFE, a leading fitness magazine in Europe, is an indicator of professional fitness. Every year, it evaluates and recommends excellent fitness products in the industry to consumers. This year, the panel reviewed representative fitness brands for gym category (gym capacity 200 square meters or above) in Germany. Matrix Fitness won in the aerobic and flywheel cycle categories. We also won first place in Functional Training group training product category! This is not only a high degree of recognition for the brand, but also a recognition of the long-term efforts of European market team!

Plus X Award- Best Customer Satisfaction 2018

In the international market especially Europe, the most authoritative award in the industry is the Plus X Award. Matrix Fitness was awarded the Best Customer Satisfaction Award 2018 in fitness industry category showing the high level of customer satisfaction in our after-sales service.
A judging panel of men and women aged 20 to 65 from all over Germany conduct surveys to select the best customer service in various industry. Matrix Fitness stood out from the rest of the brands with a lead of more than 3,400 votes. The high number of votes won our German subsidiary with the highest customer satisfaction brand! This award not only represents the level of customer trust in our brand, but also provides customers with high-quality products and excellent services.


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